2 comments on “Daynight Productions On OnTheAirTV

  1. Jake Evilclown…Really dude…All I see you do is beetch and moan over things that you have absolutely you have NO CONTROL over.  You do not need to belittle people because, they like a webpage, or the voted for a BLACK president.  Life sucks…Crap happens…and all any of us can to is move on…. Or if you don’t like what is going on with the world.  Then do something useful and productive to change it.  I know you have good friends on here…they are a good thing in your life, Right? Just count your blessings.  If you want some petition sites or sites that you can share your common complaints too and they will understand. I hate alot of crap going on in this world.  What I do is contribute and make myself heard. 

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