2 comments on “Special Thanks To SuburbanRyder[ Chuck]

  1. Liberal…I really dislike that word.  i am NOT Republican because, they are mean…I am NOT Democrat because, they say things people want to hear.  Neither party cares about the working class or the poor. Both parties are for the wealthy and say they care for the Middle Class and the Middle Class now is close to wealthy.  Like I stated in my blog let’s fire Washington. 
    FOX NEWS only focuses on the NEGATIVE on all news stories they do..unless it is about a Republican.  When Witney Houton died all they did was talk about her drug use and not her as a human being with a wonderful voice.Oh FOX NEWS OFFENDS me, when they call people Liberals because, they don’t share their opinion with FOX NEWS. I will be honest with you…I do prefer my LOCAL NEWS to any News network.  I not of the popular parties…nit…I hope this make sense in the morning.  I doze off fo a minute….

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